Onjoji (Miidera) Temple

Founded in 764, Onjoji (commonly known as Miidera) Temple is the headquarters of the Jimon sect of Tendai Buddhism and was once a rival of the mighty Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei.

Onjoji (Miidera) hondo

Onjoji Temple hondo.

It is the 14th temple of the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage. Murasaki Shikibu's half-brother Josen was an abbot of Onjoji Temple and her father took vows there.

Onjoji Temple Steps

Steps leading to the nokyo.

Onjoji Temple Courtyard

Onjoji Temple's courtyard.

Onjoji Temple Lake Biwa

View of Lake Biwa.

Miidera Temple pagoda

Miidera Temple pagoda.

Onjoji (Miidera) temple bell

The famous bell which Benkei dragged up Mount Hiei.