Interesting links about Japan and Genji

Here are some Japan-related web sites I found interesting or useful.

  • The Tale of Genji (Unesco Global Heritage Pavilion) - Adapted and illustrated (with woodblock prints) English version of The Genji.

  • Google Books Limited Preview: The Tale of Genji - Online but incomplete version of Tyler's translation of The Genji.

  • Oxford Text Archives: The Tale of Genji - Downloadable full text version of Seidensticker's translation of The Genji.

  • Tale of Genji Scrolls - Eighteenth-century handscrolls depicting scenes from the first 16 chapters of The Genji.

  • Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime: The Tale of Genji - readings from the original Japanese-language Genji Monogatari as MP3 audiobooks.

  • Liza Dalby's Tale of Murasaki - details of a fictionalized account of Murasaki Shikibu's life.

  • Plants in Genji Monogatari - Photographs of plants mentioned in The Genji, with relevant quotations from Seidensticker's translation.

  • The Costume Museum - Rebirth of The Tale of Genji - A museum in Kyoto with a replica of Genji's residence and dolls wearing Heian-era clothing. This is where you can have your photo taken wearing courtly Heian attire.

  • Tale of Genji summary - Excellent short summary by Royall Tyler.

  • Marriage, Rank and Rape in The Tale of Genji - Essay by Royall Tyler.

  • Forced Affection - Rape as the First Act of Romance in Heian Japan - Essay by Anthony J. Bryant.

  • The Sensualist: What makes The Tale of Genji so seductive? - New Yorker article by Ian Buruma.

  • Tale of Genji anime - 1987 Tale of Genji animated movie with English subtitles on YouTube.

  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia entry for The Tale of Genji.

    Heian Buddhism
  • Liminal Journeys - Pilgrimages of Noblewomen in Mid-Heian Japan - Barbara Ambros' comprehensive article on Heian era pilgrimages.

  • Mythologies and Miracles: The Saigoku Kannon Peregrinogenesis - Steven E. Gump's essay on the origins of the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage.

  • Echoes of Incense: A Pilgrimage in Japan - A Westerner's experiences on the famous 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage.

  • A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist & Shinto Deities - All you could ever want to know about buddhas, bodhisattvas, gods, demons, monks, magical creatures and religious symbols in ancient Japan.

  • Oniko's Travel Dairy - An young American's breathless, blog-style account of the 33-temple Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage in Western Japan.

  • Unkei - Biography of late-Heian, early Kamakura period sculptor Unkei (1151-1223).

  • Homosexuality in the Japanese Buddhist Tradition - An essay on homosexuality and attitudes towards sex in Jappanese Buddhism from the Heian period to the Edo period.

  • The Song of Everlasting Sorrow, the poem by T'ang Dynasty poet Po Chu-Yi, which was popular in Heian Japan. It relates the tragic story of Yang Kwei-fei and Emperor Hsuan Tsung.

    Kyoto, Uji and Nara
  • Agoda Live Hotel Agent - booking hotels in Kyoto and other cities in Japan.

  • Kyoto flower update - when and where the flowers are blooming in Kyoto. Also news about festivals, events, and special light shows at temples and gardens.

  • Uji Flower Calendar - a calendar of when and where flowers are blossoming around Uji.

  • Nara 1300th Anniversary in 2010 - information on events.

  • Kyoto National Museum - a good permanent collection of pre-modern and Asian art, and several special exhibitions each year.

  • Nara National Museum - a good permanent collection and several special exhibitions each year.

  • Kyoto Temple and Shrine Entrance Fees - a table of Kyoto's temple and shrine entrance fees and opening hours.

  • Japan Train Route Finder - find the best train route from A to B in Japan.

  • Official Visit Guide to Kyoto's Imperial Palace and villas - details of when you can visit and how to apply for permission.

    Temples and Shrines
  • Hieizan Enryakuji on Mount Hiei

  • Tofukuji, Kyoto

  • Daikakuji, Kyoto

  • Horyuji, Nara

  • Ise Jingu Grand Shrine, Mie

  • Kofukuji, Nara