Mimuroto-ji Temple, Uji

Situated above the east bank of the Uji River in Kyoto Prefecture, Mimurotoji (or Mimurodo-ji) is the 10th temple of the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage. A picturesque mountain temple, its courtyard is filled with beds of lotus plants and a memorial beside the belfry is associated with Ukifune in The Tale of Genji.

Mimurotoji Temple belfry and pagoda

Mimurotoji temple's belfry and pagoda.

The temple's hondo displays a strong Chinese influence in its architecture.

Mimuroto Temple Hondo Bull

Mimurotoji's Chinese-style hondo.

Mimuroto Temple hondo and lotus plants

Lotus plants at Mimuroto-ji, situated in the hills east of Uji River.

Mimurodo Temple Steps

Steps leading up to Mimuroto-ji temple.

Mimuroto Temple

View of Mimuroto-ji temple from the main steps.

Mimuroto Temple Hashihime Memorial

Memorial to the Hashihime, the Maiden of the Bridge.