Katsuo-ji Temple, Osaka

Founded in 727 and situated outside Osaka, Katsuo-ji is the 23rd temple on the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage.

Katsuoji Temple Tahoto

Tahoto at Katsuoji temple.

The temple belongs to the Shingon sect and its principal image is a 2.5 metre sandalwood carving of Kannon.

Katsuoji Temple Pond

View of the pond and gardens.

Katsuoji Temple is known for its Daruma dolls - Daruma being the Japanese word for Bodhidarma, the Indian monk who first brought Zen Buddhism to China. The dolls have a spherical shape because it is said that Bodhidarma meditated for so long that his arms and legs fell off.

Katsuoji Temple Daruma Dolls

Daruma dolls.

Katsuoji Temple Hondo

Katsuoji Temple's hondo.

Katsuoji Temple Niomon

Main gate.