Engyo-ji Temple

Situated on Mount Shosha, near Himeji Castle, Engyoji Temple is actually a sprawling monastic complex dating from the 10th century.

Engyoji Temple Lecture hall

The lecture hall and monastic buildings at the mountain temple complex of Engyoji.

It is the 27th temple on the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage.

Engyoji Temple Kannon

A figurine of Kannon on the path leading up Mount Shosha to Engyo-ji Temple.

Engyoji Temple View

View from the top of Mount Shosha.

Engyoji Temple Steps

Steps leading up to the hondo of Engyo-ji temple.

Engyoji Temple Veranda

View from the veranda of Engyoji temple.

Engyoji Temple Hondo

With its veranda jutting out over a sheer drop, the hondo of Engyo-ji temple is similar in appearance to Kiyomizu-dera.