Yoshimine-dera Temple, Kyoto

Founded in 1029 by the priest Gensan, Yoshiminedera was bestowed imperial rank by Emperor Go-Ichijo in 1034. Located west of Kyoto City, it is the 20th temple on the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage.

Yoshiminedera Temple Sutra Hall

Hexagonal sutra hall at Yoshiminedera Temple.

The herbal baths at the temple are said to be beneficial for neuralgia sufferers, as is praying to Kannon at the main hall; hence Yoshimine-dera's nickname, "Neuralgia Temple."

Yoshiminedera Temple View

Above Yoshiminedera.

Yoshiminedera Temple Cherry Blossom

Cherry-blossom above Yoshimine-dera Temple.

Yoshiminedera temple Pilgrim

A pilgrim walks down to the main hall.

Yoshiminedera Temple Hondo

Yoshiminedera Temple hondo and courtyard.

Yoshiminedera Temple Statue Fu Daishi

Chinese lay Buddhist Fu Daishi (Jp: Fu Kyu), inventor of revolving sutra shelves.