Mount Hiei and Enryaku-ji Temple

Mount Hiei (Hiei-zan) guards the northeastern approach to Kyoto. The sacred mountain and its remote Yokawa precinct are mentioned in the Uji chapters of The Tale of Genji. On the 49th day after Yugao's death, Genji sponsors a reading of the Lotus Sutra for her at the Hokke-do in the Saito, or west precinct.

Mount Hiei viewed from Kurama

View of the sacred Mount Hiei from Kuramadera.

The Toto, or east precinct, contains the Konpon Chudo, Amida Hall and Kaidan-in - the formerly much-prized ordination platform.

The three precincts make up the sprawling monastic complex of Enryaku-ji Temple. Founded by Saicho in the late eighth century, Enryaku-ji had at its peak about 3,000 buildings and an army of warrior monks. But the temple's power posed a threat to warlord Oda Nobunaga, who razed it to the ground and slaughtered all the monks in 1571.

Hiei Northern Hills

View of Kyoto's Northern Hills from Mount Hiei.

Enryakuji Temple Yokawa Chudo

Yokawa Chudo located in the most remote area of Mount Hiei.

Enryakuji Temple Toto Kaidanin Ordination Hall

Kaidanin - the ordination hall of Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei.

Enryakuji Temple Saito Hokkedo Hall

Hokkedo - the Lotus Hall of Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei.