Tsubosaka-dera Temple, Nara

Tsubosaka-dera, in Nara prefecture, is the sixth temple on the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage. The temple was founded in 701 and parts of it have been sculpted from white stone imported from India.

Tsubosaka Temple Jogando

Tsubosakadera Temple's Jogando hall.

The principal image is an Indian-style one-thousand armed Kannon.

Tsubosaka Temple Senju Kannon

Senju Kannon.

A 20-meter tall statue of Kannon towers above the treetops beside the temple.

Tsubosaka Temple Kannon

Kannon statue at Tsubosakadera Temple.

The temple features many sculptures in white stone, including a copy of a carving from Amaravati in India.

Tsubosaka Temple Footprints

Women prostrate themselves before a symbol of the historical Buddha - copy of 1st century stone carving from Amaravati.

Tsubosaka Temple Jataka Wall

Wall carvings depicting jataka tales.

Tsubosaka Temple Pagoda

Pagoda dating from 1497.

Tsubosaka Temple Lanterns


Tsubosaka Temple Fudo

Small statues of Fudo.