Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple, Kyoto

Founded by the priest Kuya Shonin in 963, Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple sits at the edge of what was once Kyoto's largest graveyard, the Toribeno.

Rokuharamitsuji temple

The Kannon hall and hondo of Rokuharamitsuji Temple.

Rokuharamitsu Kannon

Statue of Kannon outside Rokuharamitsuji Temple.

It is the 17th temple on the Saigoku Kannon pilgrimage, and its treasure house contains a number of priceless carvings from the Kamakura period, including one of Taira Kiyomori and a famous one of Kuya (903-972) with tiny Amida Buddhas parading from his mouth, each representing one of the six paramitas.

Rokuharamitsu Kuya

Kuya Shonin.

The temple belongs to the Chizen branch of the Shingon sect and its principal image is an eleven-faced Kannon.

Rokuharamitsu Lantern

Lantern in front of the hondo at Rokuharamitsuji Temple.

Rokuharamitsu Gate

Front gate.

Lying just east of the Kamo river, Rokuhara was the headquarters of the Taira clan at the end of the Heian era. The clan chieftain, Taira Kiyomori, took vows and resided at Rokuharamitsuji Temple during the period in which he was at odds with Retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa. The story is told in The Tale of the Heike.

Rokuharamitsu Courtyard

Courtyard in front of Rokuharamitsuji Temple.