Cherry-blossom at Ishiyama-dera Temple

Set on the side of a mountain overlooking Lake Biwa, Ishiyama-dera temple was a popular pilgrimage in Murasaki's day. It is particularly beautful during the cherry-blossom season in April.

Ishiyama Temple Trees

Looking down towards Muyu-en garden.

Ishiyama Temple Sakura Pavillion

Cherry blossom falls like snow beneath the moon-viewing pavillion.

The temple is mentioned as a pilgrimage in the Ukifune chapter of The Tale of Genji.

Ishiyama Temple Sakura Garden

Muyu-en garden in early April.

Ishiyama Temple Sakura Path

A path strewn with white petals.

Ishiyama Temple Sakura Carp

Carp pond.

Ishiyama Temple Sakura Niomon

Pilgrims walk beneath the blossoms behind the main gate.