The Yakushi Pilgrimage of 49 Temples in Western Japan

The Yakushi Pilgrimage covers 49 temples dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai in Western Japan. Yakushi is the Japanese name for the buddha Bhaisajyaguru, or the Healing Buddha, of Mahayana Buddhism.

Yakushi pilgrimage: Yakushi-ji temple

Yakushiji Temple, start of the 49-temple Yakushi pilgrimage.

For those who intend to do the pilgrimage, here is a list of temples.


The basic procedure at each temple is to have your nokyocho inscribed and stamped at the nokyo (pilgrim's office), which will cost 300 yen. Then find the hall with the Yakushi Nyorai image, toss some money into the donation box, ring the bell (actually a kind of gong that you strike with a vertical rope) three times and say a prayer. You may also light incense or candles.