Shoji-ji Temple (Hana no Tera), Kyoto

Established in 680, Shoji-ji is famous for its hundreds of cherry trees. The Heian-era poet-priest, Saigyo had a hut in its grounds.

Shojiji Temple Belfry

The belfry at Shojiji.

On the porch of the temple is a carved figure of the Buddha's disciple Binzuru (Skt. Pindola), who is said to have the power to heal sickness. Images of Binzuru are often placed outside temple buildings because of the disciple's reputation for occult powers and ability to fly through the air.

Shojiji Temple Binzuru

An image of Binzuru on the porch of the main hall.

Shojiji Temple Niomon

Steps leading up to the niomon at Hana no Tera.

Shojiji Temple Kannon

Statue of Kannon in the garden.