The Western Hills - Saga-Arashiyama

The Western Hills, known today as Arashiyama or Saga is a beautiful area about 20 minutes west of Kyoto by train and much mentioned in Heian-era literature.

Daikakuji Temple Hills

The large Osawano Pond at Daikaku-ji temple in the Western Hills is one of Japan's best spots for moon-viewing.

A Harvest Moon festival is held at Daikaku-ji temple each year.

Seiryoji Temple Tahoto Hills

Seiryoji Temple's tahoto.

Jokakkoji Temple Meadow

A shady meadow near Jokakko-ji.

Ogura-ike Pond

Ogura Pond between Nonomiya Shrine and Jokakko-ji.

Jokakkoji temple view

View across Kyoto towards the Eastern Hills.

Jokakkoji Temple Belfry

Jokakko-ji belfry.

Gio-ji Temple

Gio-ji - a retreat for discarded concubines of Taira Kiyomori.

Seiryoji Temple

Shaka Hall at Seiryoji Temple.