Harvest Moon Festival at Daikaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Each year on the night of the full moon nearest the Autumn Equinox, dragon boats can be seen on the pond at Daikakuji temple, Kyoto, as flute, koto and biwa music can be heard from a nearby hall. It is a magical sight.

Daikakuji Temple dragon boat at full moon

Harvest moon rising over Osawano Pond at Daikakuji Temple.

Visitors can have tea in the boats for a small fee.

Daikakuji Temple Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat on Osawano Pond at Daikakuji Temple.

Daikakuji Temple Dragon Boats

Dragon boats are out on the pond before the moon rises.

Daikakuji Temple Osawano Pond

Daikakuji Temple's Osawano Pond at dusk.

Daikakuji Temple Harvest Moon Ceremony

Harvest Moon Festival ceremony at Daikakuji Temple.

Daikakuji Temple Hall

Hall at Daikakuji Temple where a concert is performed on the evening of the Harvest Moon.