Seiryo-ji Temple (Shaka-do), Kyoto

Commonly known as Shaka-do and situated on what was once Saga Moor in Kyoto, Seiryo-ji Temple is known for its highly venerated sandalwood image of Shaka (Shakyamuni), the historical Buddha.

Seiryoji temple

Courtyard and Shakado of Seiryoji Temple.

In 985, the monk Chonen went to China on a pilgrimage and commissioned a copy of the legendary Udayana Buddha, said to be an actual likeness made by the Indian King Udayana during the Buddha's lifetime. The Udayana Buddha was subsequently moved to China and eventually lost during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

Seiryoji Temple Shakado Front

Shakado of Seiryoji Temple.

The Seiryo-ji Buddha is shown on the 8th and 19th of each month.

Seiryoji Shaka - a copy of the lost Udayana Buddha

The Seiryoji Shaka, a copy of the lost Udayana Buddha.

Seiryoji Temple Momiji Temple

Autumn leaves behind the Shakado of Seiryoji Temple.

Seiryoji Temple Gate

Seiryoji Temple's gate.

Seiryoji Temple Moss Garden

Moss garden at Seiryoji Temple.

Revolving sutra cabinet

Revolving sutra cabinet at Seiryoji Temple.

Fu Daishi

Chinese lay Buddhist Fu Daishi (497-569), inventor of revolving sutra shelves, with his two sons.

Seiryoji Temple Pond


Seiryoji Temple Tahoto