Mount Koya (Koyasan)

Mount Koya (Koyasan) in Wakayama is a sacred mountain and temple complex founded by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) and headquarters of the Shingon sect. The Okuno-in contains Kobo Daishi's tomb and the surrounding forest serves as a huge cemetery.

Mount Koya Okunoin Temple Monks

Gravestones and lanterns line the path through the forest to Kukai's tomb at the Okunoin.

The most important buildings are the Garan, Kongobu-ji, the Okuno-in and the Daimon (Great Gate). And the Treasure House contains a fine collection of Buddhist art and sculpture.

Mount Koya Kongobuji Temple Hall

Main hall at Mount Koya's Kongobuji Temple.

Mount Koya Kongobuji Temple Garden

Banryi-tei rock garden at Koyasan's Kongobuji Temple.

Mount Koya Okunoin Temple Buddhas

Black bodhisattva statues beside the bridge leading to the Okunoin and Lantern Hall on Mount Koya.

Mount Koya Big Tree Tombs

Tombs in the cemetery on Mount Koya.

Mount Koya Side Path

Path in the cemetery on Mount Koya.

Mount Koya Jizo Bib

Jizo statue in Mount Koya cemetery.

Mount Koya Daimon

Daimon (Great Gate) of Mount Koya.

Mount Koya Garan Daito

Konpon Daito (Great Pagoda) at the Dai Garan on Mount Koya.