The ancient Takisaka-no-michi road to Nara, Nara

The Takisaka-no-michi path is a fairly easy three-hour walk along an ancient path through the forest from Enjoji Temple to Nara, with a number of Buddhist rock carvings along the way.


Start of the Takisaka no Michi path near Enjoji temple.

The path starts opposite the Heian-era pond of Enjoji Temple.

Takisaka Narrow Path

The first stage of the path is a gentle uphill incline.

Takisaka Tea Plantation

Tea plantation in the forest.

Takisaka Valley

This valley is the halfway point between Enjoji and Nara.

Takisaka Teahouse

Teahouse at the northern end of the valley.

Takisaka Bridge

A pond deep in the forest on the Takisaka-no-michi path.

Takisaka Pond Sakura

Pond with cherry blossom.

Takisaka Jizo

According to legend, Yagyu swordsman Araki Mataemon (1599-1638), tested his sword on the neck of this Boddhisattva Jizo statue.

Takisaka Rock Carving

Buddha images carved into the rock in the 13th century.

Takisaka Asahi Kannon

The Asahi (Sunrise) Kannon, carved into a rock overhanging the trail is so called because it catches the first rays of sunshine each morning.

Takisaka Buddhas

Buddha images carved into the rock beside the path.

Takisaka Nara

The Nara end of the old Takisaka-no-michi road from Yagyu is a cobblestone path beside a stream.

Takisaka Stream

The path follows the course of a stream at the Nara end.

Takisaka Leaves

Leaves cover part of the path which ends near Shin Yakushiji temple.