Enjo-ji Temple, Nara

Founded in 756, Enjo-ji is situated in the hills north of Nara and well known for its superb statue of Dainichi Nyorai carved by Unkei in 1176.

Enjoji temple

Front gate of Enjoji and Heian-era pond.

The temple pond is all that remains of a Heian-era paradise garden, but the hondo was built in the Muromachi period and two shrines in the grounds, Kasuga-do and Hakusan-do, date to 1228. The lower section of the Takisaka no Michi walk begins opposite the pond.

Enjoji Temple Pond

Pond seen from the main gate.

Enjoji Temple Hondo


Enjoji Temple Dainichi

Dainichi Nyorai carved by Unkei.

Enjoji Temple Hall

Small hall near the hondo.

Enjoji Temple Tahoto


Enjoji Temple Shrines

Kasugado and Hakusando shrines.