The Silent Waterfall, Kyoto

The Royal Outing chapter of The Tale of Genji begins with the words: "Genji would like to have put Tamakazura's affairs in order, but the Silent Waterfall of his longing produced complications."

Silent Waterfall in Ohara

The Silent Waterfall near Raigo-in in Ohara.

According to legend, monks from nearby Raigo-in came to compete with this waterfall on the Ro River in Ohara as part of their training in shomyo chanting. One version of the story says that the monk Ennin was unable to hear himself singing so he put a spell on the falls to silence them. Another version says he rearranged the shape of the falls' boulder to soften the sound.

Silent Waterfall in Ohara

Silent Waterfall.

Path to Silent waterfall

Path leading down from the Silent Waterfall past Raigo-in.

Silent Waterfall Lower Path

Path to the Silent Waterfall near Raigo-in in Ohara.

Sanzen-in Temple Red Gate

Side gate of Sanzen-in on the path to the Silent Waterfall.