Shojoshin-in Temple - Mount Koya

Shojoshin-in is a Shingon temple at the edge of the Okuno-in cemetery on Koyasan. It has lodgings for pilgrims and tourists (shukubo), and delicious shojin ryori vegetarian food. The monks speak some English.

Shojoshinin Temple Sakura

Main building of Shojoshinin Temple in April.

Guests staying at the temple are invited to attend the morning service to make merit for ancestors and those buried in the nearby cemetery.

Shojoshinin Temple Moss

Moss covered front gate of Shojoshinin Temple.

Shojoshinin Temple Pond

View of pond and wisteria arbour behind Shojoshinin Temple's pilgrim's lodgings.

Shojoshinin Temple Screens

Painted screens and futon in Shojoshinin Temple's pilgrim's lodgings.

Okuno-in Temple Monk

The entrance to the Okunoin cemetery is beside Shojoshinin Temple.