Saito - Enryaku-ji Temple on Mount Hiei

Saito is the west precinct of Enryaku-ji Temple on sacred Mount Hiei, northeast of Kyoto. In The Tale of Genji, Koremitsu's brother gives a reading of the Lotus Sutra for Yugao in the Hokke-do (Lotus Hall) 49 days after her death.

Enryakuji temple Jogyodo

Jogyodo of Enryakuji Temple.

Saito Ninaido

Bridge between the Jogyodo and Hokkedo at Enryakuji Temple.

Enryakuji temple Hokkedo

Hokkedo - the Lotus Hall of Enryakuji Temple.

Enryakuji temple Shakado

Shakado - the Shaka Hall of Enryakuji Temple.

Saito Belfry

Belfry at Enryakuji Temple's Saito precinct.

Saito Jodoin Temple

Jodoin and tomb of Saicho at Enryakuji Temple.