Upper Kamo (Kamigamo Jinja) Shrine, Kyoto

Founded in 678, Kamigamo jinja is one of Kyoto's oldest Shinto shrines, and often mentioned in The Tale of Genji and other Heian literature. After Kyoto became the capital in 794, the shrine was headed by an imperial priestess (the Kamo Virgin) in the same manner as the Grand Shrine of Ise.

Kamigamo Jinja shrine bridge

Bridge in front of the inner shrine at Kamigamo.

Kamigamo Jinja shrine gate

Gate to the inner shrine of Kamigamo.

Kamigamo Shrine crow

A crow perches on one of Kamigamo shrine's buildings.

Inside the inner courtyard are two cones of raked sand honouring the mountain behind the shrine.

Kamigamo Shrine courtyard

Courtyard of Kamigamo shrine.

Kamigamo Shrine bride

Kamigamo Shrine is a popular place for traditional Shinto weddings.

Ota Shrine

Ota is a sub-shrine of Kamigamo Jinja.