Ise Jingu Grand Shrine

The Grand Shrine at Ise is the centre of the imperial branch of Shinto, where the sun goddess Amaterasu is enshrined. In The Tale of Genji, the Rokujo Lady's daughter becomes High Priestess of the Ise Shrine.

Ise Jingu Grand Shrine

The outer shrine's pond at Yamada no Hara.

Located at Yamada no Hara, Ise's outer shrine is consecrated to Toyouke Okami, the Abundant Food Great Divinity. In 1291, the author of The Confessions of Lady Nijo visited the large pond beside the shrine and was reminded of Saigyo's poem:

Though I cannot hear them now
This is certainly the place for cuckoo -
This grove of cedar
At Yamada no Hara

Ise Jingu Outer Shrine Torii

An unpainted torii marks the entrance of the outer shrine.