Abemonju-in Temple, Nara

Founded in 645, Abemonju-in Temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Monju and contains the largest sculpture of the deity in Japan. It is also the birthplace of Heian-era Yin-Yang master Abe no Seimei.

Abemonjuin Temple Floating Pavillion

Floating pavillion at Abemonjuin temple.

Visitors to the temple are treated to a bowl of delicious macha and a small cake with a pentangle design on top.

Abemonjuin Temple Hondo

Abemonjuin temple hondo.

Abemonjuin Temple Monju

Statue of Monju Bodhisattva riding a lion at Abemonjuin temple.

Abemonjuin Temple Hall

Small hall at Abemonjuin.

Abemonjuin Temple Cave

Subterranean shrine beside the temple.

Abemonjuin Temple Flowers

Floral display to welcome in the Year of the Boar.