Zuishin-in Temple, Kyoto

Established in 991, Zuishin-in is thought to be the temple where legendary poetess Ono no Komachi spent the later years of her life.

Zuishin-in temple

Zuishin-in Temple.

The temple houses a carving of the poetess depicted as a wizened old woman. It is said to have been requested by Komachi herself to show the passing of youth and beauty.

Zuishin-in Temple Komachi

Ono no Komachi.

There is also a memorial to Komachi in the temple grounds and a well marking the site of her hermitage in a nearby bamboo grove.

Zuishin-in Temple Memorial

Memorial to Ono no Komachi.

Zuishin-in Temple Well Of Beauty

The Well of Beauty.

Zuishin-in Temple Cherry

Cherry blossom in front of The Well of Beauty.

Zuishin-in Temple Pond

Carp pond beside the temple.