Unrin-in Temple, Kyoto

Now a small sub-temple opposite the southeast corner of Daitoku-ji temple complex, Unrin-in (Unrin'in, Urin-in or Ujii) was originally the scene of the great Enlightenment Sermons of the late Heian period.

Unrin-in Temple Gate

Unrin-in temple front gate.

In The Tale of Genji, after Fujitsubo rejects his advances, Genji spends some time in reflection at Unrin-in, just north of the capital. Unable to stop thinking of her, Genji is nevertheless moved on hearing his uncle, the abbot, proclaim: "All who invoke the holy name shall be taken unto Lord Amitabha and none shall be abandoned."

Unrin-in Temple Lanterns

Unrin-in temple courtyard.