Toji Temple, Kyoto

Toji was founded in 794 as a guardian temple for Kyoto. It was one of only two great temples allowed in the city after the capital was moved from Nara to escape the meddlesome Buddhist clergy.

Toji Temple pagoda

Toji Temple's famous five-tier pagoda.

Saiji, its twin temple, no longer exists.

Toji temple

Rear of the main hall at Toji Temple.

The kondo houses statues of the Yakushi-nyorai and his two attendants. In the Lecture Hall, a set of 21 Buddhist statues can be seen arranged according to the Mikkyo Mandala described in the main sutra of Shingon esoteric Buddhism.

Toji Temple Yakushi

Impressive Yakushi triad at Toji Temple.

Toji Temple Mandala

Buddha images arranged as a mandala.

Toji Temple Hondo Side

Side entrance to Toji Temple's kondo.

Toji Temple Jikido

Jikido (refectory) of Toji Temple.

Toji Temple Pagoda Shrine

Toji Temple pagoda viewed from behind the kondo.

Toji Temple Pagoda Wisteria

Wisteria in front of Toji Temple's pagoda.