Tofuku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Situated in southeast Kyoto, Tofukuji is a large temple of the Rinzai Zen sect that was founded in 1236 on the instructions of statesman Kujo Michiie. Some of Tofukuji's buildings date from the 14th and 15th centuries and the massive sanmon (built in 1425) is the oldest Zen main gate in Japan. The room on top of the sanmon contains a rare sculpture of Shakyamuni meditating with his left hand on his right and wearing a crown (Hokan Shaka). A nearby gorge is famous for its red maple leaves in Autumn.

Tofukuji Temple Courtyard

Tofukuji Temple's Zen-style courtyard.

Tofukuji stands on the site of Hoshoji, (or Hosshoji), a temple built by Fujiwara no Tadahira in 925. In the "Boat on the Waters" chapter of The Tale of Genji Prince Niou changes horses at Hoshoji Temple on one of his secret visits to Uji.

Tofukuji Temple Maple Gorge

The maple gorge at the beginning of Autumn.

Tofukuji Temple Moss Garden

Moss and maple at Tofukuji.

Tofukuji Temple Sanmon

Tofukuji Temple's sanmon.

Tofukuji Temple Hondo

Tofukuji Temple's hondo.