Senbon Shakado (Daihoonji) Temple, Kyoto

Built in 1227, the main hall of Senbon Shakado is the oldest structure in Kyoto. In addition to the rarely-shown Shaka Nyorai in the main hall, the treasure house contains statues of the infant Shaka (tanjo butsu), the Ten Great Disciples, Jizo, Fu Daishi, and six sublime Kannon statues carved by Tankei.

Senbon Shakado Hondo

Senbon Shakado main hall.

There isn't much to see in the temple grounds except a shrine to Okame, worshipped by carpenters and people in the construction business. Okame was the wife of the master carpenter who built the temple's main hall. After he had made a mistake in the construction, his wife came up with a solution and then later committed suicide fearing that her husband would lose face if anyone found out about it.

Senbon Shakado Lanterns

Senbon Shakado approach.

Senbon Shakado Gate

Senbon Shakado gate.

Senbon Shakado Shrine

Shrine to Okame in the grounds of Senbon Shakado Temple.