Kibune, Kyoto

Kibune is a mountain just north of Kyoto. Towards the top of the mountain is the 1500-year-old Kibune Shrine (also known as Kifune Shrine), which was moved from its original site in 1045.

Kibune Jinja/Kifune Jinja shrine

Kibune shrine in November.

The shrine and its water deity are featured in Volume 2 of the anime movie, Shonen Onmyouji.

Kibune Lanterns

Lanterns line the approach to Kibune shrine.

Okunomiya, the original shrine, is 800 metres up the mountain.

Okunomiya shrine

Okunomiya shrine.

Kibune Boulder

Huge boulder near Okunomiya shrine.

Kibune Nishinomon

West Gate of the pilgrim's path to Kuramadera.

Kibune River

Kibune River.

Kibune Firefly Rocks

The Firefly Rocks take their name from a poem by Izumi Shikibu.