Jurin-ji Temple (Narihira-dera), Kyoto

Jurin-ji is also known as Narihira-dera, in memory of the Heian-era poet Ariwara no Narihira - legendary lover and hero/author of Tales of Ise.

Jurinji temple

Garden in front of Jurin-ji Temple.

One of Narihira's pastimes was making salt by boiling seawater. According to legend, when his lover Nijo no Kisaki visited nearby Oharano shrine, Narihira coloured the smoke purple as a sign of his love. In a bamboo grove behind the temple are the remains of the salt-making kiln.

Jurinji Temple Narihira Kiln

Remnants of Narihira's kiln.

In front of the temple hondo is a stone statue of Narihira. There is also a collection of statues in a hall beside the hondo.

Jurinji Temple Narihira statue

Memorial to Ariwara no Narihira.

Jurinji Temple Hondo

View from above the hondo.