Jakko-in Temple, Kyoto

A nunnery since 1186, Jakko-in is famous as the place Empress Kenreimon-in retired to after the Battle of Dan no Ura, as described in The Tale of the Heike.

Jakko-in temple garden

Jakkoin Temple's small garden remains as described in The Tale of the Heike.

The tale ends with the melancholy tolling of the temple's bell. The main building of Jakko-in burnt to the ground in 1999 and rebuilding was completed in 2005. It now contains an unappealingly modern statue of Jizo.

Jakko-in temple

Newly rebuilt main hall of Jakkoin Temple.

Jakko-in Temple Belfry

Jakkoin Temple's belfry.

Jakko-in Temple Lantern

Old iron lantern.

Jakko-in Temple Pine

Stump of the ancient pine tree mentioned in Tale of the Heike.

Jakko-in Temple Gate Hondo

Jakkoin Temple's main hall seen through the front gate.

Jakko-in Temple Lower

Hall on the level below the hondo.

Jakko-in temple gate

The front gate of the Jakkoin nunnery.

Tomb of Empress Kenreimon-in at Jakko-in temple

Tomb of Empress Kenreimonin.