Hozan-ji Temple, Nara

Situated high on Mount Ikoma, to the west of Nara, Hozan-ji Temple enshrines the deity Kankiten in its Shotendo Hall. Kankiten is derived from the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesh, and is said to bring good fortune in commerce and marital relationships.

Hozanji Temple Hondo

A child plays in front of Hozanji temple.

This busy temple is also the start of the Nara Jusan Butsu (13 buddhas) pilgrimage although no image of its associated bodhisattva Fudo Myo-o is on display.

Hozanji Temple Courtyard

Courtyard of Hozanji temple with a cliff in the background.

Hozanji Temple View

Hozanji and the plain below. Dolphin ornaments on roofs protected against fires and lightning.

Hozanji Temple Jizo Path

Statues of Jizo line a forest path.

Hozanji Temple Lanterns

Lanterns and a huge torii greet visitors to Hozanji.