Fushimi-inari Taisha, Kyoto

The Inari Shrine complex near Fushimi is a popular place of Shinto worship and is mentioned several times in The Confessions of Lady Nijo.

Fushimi-inari shrine maiden

Fushimi-inari shrine maiden.

Fushimi-inari Torii

A torii near the entrance of Fushimi-inari Shrine.

Fushimi-inari Taisha

Entrance of Fushimi-inari Shrine.

Fushimi-inari shrine gate

Main gate at the entrance of Fushimi-inari Shrine.

Fushimi-inari Fox

The fox is a magical creature in Japanese folklore and a messenger of the gods. This stone fox holds the key to the granary in its mouth.

Fushimi-inari shrine torii gates

One of the many walkways at the sprawling Fushimi-inari Shrine.

Fushimi town has a long history and is associated with Restoration hero Sakamoto Ryoma.

Fushimi-inari Guardian

Fushimi-inari Shrine guardian.

Fushimi-inari Fox Bib

Fushimi-inari fox wearing a bib.

Fushimi-inari Haiden

Fushimi-inari Haiden.

Fushimi-inari Red Hall

Fushimi-inari Hall.

Fushimi-inari Shinto Priests

Fushimi-inari Shinto priests.

Fushimi-inari Shrine Torii

Fushimi-inari torii donated by devotees.

Fushimi-inari Astrologer

Astrologer at Fushimi-inari Shrine.

Fushimi-inari Pond

Pond behind Fushimi-inari Taisha Grand Shrine.

Fushimi-inari Heron

Heron by the pond at Fushimi-inari Shrine.

Fushimi-inari Bamboo

Bamboo forest behind Fushimi-inari Shrine.