Chogaku-ji Temple, Nara

Said to have been founded in 824 by Kobo daishi, Chogakuji Temple is located on the Yamanobe-no-Michi path from Nara to Miwa. The main hall contains a Heian-era image of Amida, the first in Japan to have crystal eyes.

Chogakuji Temple Pond

Iris pond in front of the hondo at Chogakuji temple.

The temple also owns a fine collection of hell scrolls (jigokuzoji), depicting Buddhist hell-realms, and has a unique belfry gate (shoromon).

Chogakuji Temple Hondo

Chogakuji temple hondo.

Chogakuji Temple Binzuru


Chogakuji Temple Gate

Chogakuji temple's belfry gate.