Characters in the Tale of Genji

The table shows the principal characters in the Tale of Genji, with the names used for them in the Seidensticker translation. The Tyler translation follows the original Japanese text in referring to characters by their rank. Since many of them change rank multiple times in the novel, he provides a list of characters at the beginning of each chapter.

Seidensticker Description
Akashi Empress daughter of Genji and Akashi Lady
Akashi Lady former Governor of Harima's daughter, the mother of Genji's daughter
Akikonomu The Rokujo Lady's daughter
Aoi Genji's first wife, Left Minister's daughter
Asagao Genji's first cousin, daughter of his uncle
Eighth Prince Genji and Suzaku's half brother
Emperor (1) the Kiritsubo Emperor, Genji's father
(2) Suzaku Emperor Emperor, then Retired Emperor; Kiritsubo Emperor's eldest son
(3) Reizei Emperor son of Genji and Fujitsubo
Emperor (4) son of Suzaku, reigning Emperor after Reizei
Evening Faces, Lady of the mother of Tamakazura
First Princess daughter of Reizei and To no Chujo's daughter
Fujitsubo Kiritsubo Emperor's Empress, Reizei's mother
Genji son of the Kiritsubo Emperor and a low-ranking court lady; hero of the novel
Higekuro Tamakazura's husband
Hotaru, Prince Genji's half-brother
Hyobu, Prince Fujitsubo's elder brother, Murasaki's father
Kaoru son of Third Princess and Kashiwagi
Kashiwagi To no Chujo's eldest son
Kobai To no Chujo's second son
Kokiden Right Minister's daughter, Suzaku's mother
Koremitsu Genji's foster brother and confidant
Kumoinokari To no Chujo's daughter, later Yugiri's wife
Locust shell, Lady of the stepmother of Governor of Kii, Iyo Deputy's wife
Makibashira Higekuro's daughter, later Kobai's wife
Minister of the Left Minister of the Left; then Chancellor; Aoi's father
Minister of the Right Minister of the Right, then Chancellor; father of Kokiden; Suzaku's grandfather
Murasaki daughter of Prince Hyobu, niece of Fujitsubo, and granddaughter of a former emperor; Genji's favorite lady
Nakanokimi second daughter of the Eighth Prince, eventually wife of Niou
Niou, Prince Akashi Empress' son, Murasaki's favorite, Nakanokimi's husband, Ukifune's lover
Niou's Privy Secretary Niou's retainer
Oborozukiyo Right Minister's sixth daughter, sister of Kokiden
Oigimi the Eighth Prince's elder daughter
Omi, Lady of To no Chujo's lost daughter
Omiya, Princess Kiritsubo Emperor's sister; Left Minister's wife; Aoi and To no Chujo's mother; Yugiri and Kumoinokari's grandmother
Ono, Nun of Ukifune's protector
Orange Blossoms, Lady of the sister of the Reikeiden Consort
Rokujo Lady widow of a former Crown Prince, Genji's uncle; mother of Akikonomu
Rokunokimi Yugiri's sixth daughter (by Koremitsu's daughter), later Niou's wife
Safflower Lady daughter of the Hitachi Prince
Second Princess (1) Suzaku's second daughter, wife of Kashiwagi
Second Princess (2) Kaoru's wife, daughter of Emperor 4
Tamakazura Yugao and To no Chujo's daughter, later Higekuro's wife
Third Princess Suzaku's favorite daughter, Genji's wife, Kaoru's mother
Tokikata Niou's retainer
To no Chujo the Left Minister's eldest son, Aoi's brother
Ukifune the Eighth Prince's unrecognized daughter
Ukifune's mother the Governor of Hitachi's wife
Yokawa, Bishop of brother of the nun of Ono
Yugiri son of Genji and Aoi