Byodo-in Temple, Uji

Byodo-in Temple is situated in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, and was originally the statesman Fujiwara Michinaga's villa. It was converted into an Amidist temple by his son in 1052, the year that Buddhists believed the Latter Day of the Law (mappo) was to begin.

Byodo-in temple Phoenix Hall

The Phoenix Hall of Byodo-in.

The temple's Amida Hall - now known as the Phoenix Hall - is the only surviving example of Heian temple architecture in Japan. This National Treasure faces east over a large pond to give the appearance of Amida's Pure Land, or Western Paradise, seen from the other side of the Western Ocean. The image enshrined in the hall is Amida Nyorai, carved by Jocho.

Byodo-in Temple Amida Sepia

Amida Nyorai carved by Jocho.

Byodo-in Temple Kyoto Bell Windows

Bell windows line the tail of the Phoenix.

Byodo-in Temple Hodo

Wings of the Phoenix.

Byodo-in Temple Phoenix Roof

Phoenix ornaments on the roof.

The Genji commanders, Yorimasa and Nakatsuna, committed suicide in the Byodo-in fishing pavillion in 1181 after a battle at nearby Uji Bridge.

Byodo-in Temple Phoenix Hall Pavillion

A Kannon hall stands on the site of the old fishing pavillion at the northern end of Aji-ike Pond.