Bussoku - Buddha's Footprints

Japanese temples contain many images of buddhas, bodhisattvas and mythical beings, but one image more often associated with Southeast Asian Theravada Buddhism is bussoku - Buddha's footprints. These can be seen at Kyoto's Kiyomizudera, Kozanji and Nariaji temples, and at Nara's Kannondera temple. There is also a natural bussoku-seki stone at Nara's Yakushiji temple.

Kannondera Temple Bussoku (Buddha Footprints)

Bussoku at Kannondera temple.

Nariaiji Temple Bussoku

Bussoku carved into the pavement outside Nariaiji temple.

Kozanji Temple Bussoku

Bussoku at Kozanji temple.

Kiyomizu Temple Bussoku

Bussoku outside the Asakurado at Kiyomizudera temple.