Blossoms in the Tale of Genji

Many blossoms and trees are mentioned in The Tale of Genji. For example:

"The hills were high in the southeast quarter, where spring-blossoming trees and bushes were planted in large numbers. The lake was most ingeniously designed. Among the plantings in the forward parts of the garden were cinquefoil pines, maples, cherries, wisteria, yamabuki, and rock azalea, most of them trees and shrubs whose season was spring. Touches of autumn too were scattered through the groves."

Maple leaves at Ishiyamadera temple

Maple leaves at Ishiyamadera temple.

Water lilies and azaleas at Konchi-in

Water lilies and azaleas at Konchi-in Temple.

Konoe Weeping Cherry

Weeping cherry blossom in Kyoto's Imperial Palace grounds.

Wisteria Closeup

Wisteria outside Shoho-ji temple.