Adashino Nembutsu-ji Temple, Kyoto

Adashino is mentioned in a poem towards the end of The Tale of Genji. The area was originally a cremation ground, with stone gravemarkers dotted around the surrounding bamboo forests.

Adashino Nembutsuji Temple Gravestones

Gravestones facing a statue of Amida at Adashino Nembutsuji Temple.

About a century ago, these gravestones dating from Heian times were gathered up and placed in Adashino Nembutsu-ji Temple. The temple also contains a scale replica of the 1st-century stupa at Sanchi, in central India.

Adashino Nembutsuji Temple Stupa Gate

Adashino Nembutsuji's scale model of the 1st century stupa at Sanchi, central India.

Adashino Nembutsuji Temple Stupa

Gravestones and stupa at Adashino Nembutsuji Temple.